How Do the Police Handle Crime in Kollam District?

For visitors who may be interested in the Kollam District, crime statistics and information may not be something that they can afford to overlook. Staying as safe as possible on your travels can be a far more difficult concern for those who lack the best information. Educating yourself about any potential risk, situations or areas you would do well to avoid or the effectiveness of the police in their efforts to combat crime could make a great deal of Read more

Number of Crimes Against Women in Kollam District, India

The number of crimes against women in Kollam District, India is alarming. Kollam is one of 23 districts that report over 10,000 crimes in one year. Major crimes include robbery, rape and even murder. The government has taken steps to try to reduce the number of crimes against women but it still continues. Strict laws and implementation does not seem to be working. The number of crimes against women continues to rise. Efforts to control these crimes include strengthening the police force. The government encourages women to report the crimes Read more

Why Is Kollam District So Dangerous?

I started this site about crime in India quite some time ago and, through a tough fall and an eventual reboot, I’ve managed to keep it going. One thing that has remained consistent through it all is the reaction to the information and how it compares to the US.

Makes sense, really, since most of my readership hails from the States. Some people have even asked why Kollam is so dangerous?

To answer this question would dive deep into cultural and political topics that reach far beyond what this site is actually about. Broadly speaking, the actual types of crimes are what differ when compared to the US. Other issues that come into play are the severity and ferocity of these crimes – how they are carried out.

Legal issues and political structure come into play as well. One thing we touched upon in the previous post was home security and while parts of India do have their own service providers, lots of households in that area don’t have the kind of access readers in the states and other more stable regions enjoy.

It’s really nothing for you to go online and look up reviews or home security news or any other provider of information on these. It’s a little more limited in Kollam and if people don’t have this information, they can’t devise ways to better protect themselves.

Protecting Your Home Here in the States

Amazingly enough, my blog about crime statistics in the Kollam district of India inspired quite a bit of paranoia in my readers from the States. Many of you have emailed me asking about ways to protect yourself in the States. While making you paranoid was never my intention, yes, I think it’s an important topic.

There are lots of ways to protect your home and family in the states. Here are just a few ideas.

1.) Get a home security system. While these won’t guarantee the absolute safety of your home, they will certainly help.

2.) Get a dog. There’s a reason why they are known as man’s best friend. For millions of years, dogs have stood by us. We take care of them and they watch our backs. A dog’s hearing and eyesight are much better than a human’s and the presence of a dog alone is enough to turn away intruders.

3.) Try not to advertise your wealth. At night, close the shades, blinds, curtains, whatever. Don’t give outsiders a view into your home and all the neat stuff worth stealing.

Approximately How Many Dowry Deaths Occur in Kollam District?

Kollam, Kerala, India – the state of Kerala is trying to rebuild its tarnished image as a hotbed of crime in an otherwise peaceful country following a spike in the murder rate including an increase in dowry deaths. In all fairness, Kerala is the center of tourism in India with its luscious backwaters, beaches, and mountains and botanical forests. The state also has India’s highest literacy rate at nearly 94 which is excellent for a developing nation. However, the region is also known for its high rate of crime particularly in the Kollam district. In the year 2010, there were five dowry related deaths alone in the state. (Dowry related deaths are where spouses or over-zealous in-laws harass the wife in order to extort an increased dowry from her family and either kill the woman or drive her to suicide). Statistics are not easy to come by but in 2007 & 2008 there were five dowry deaths reported in the Kollam district alone. The deaths are also categorized as crimes against women along with rape and molestation. Since 2011, reports by the police department show an increase in the crimes being committed against women including dowry deaths. The National Crime Records Bureau shows that the state of Kerala is India’s has India’s highest rate of crime.

Kollam District’s Fugitive of the Week

Dictionaries define a fugitive as a person taking flight from one place to another to escape prosecution or intolerable living conditions. Exactly who qualifies as Kollam District’s Fugitive of the Week depends on whether one qualifies genealogically or from the standpoint of persecution when defined as the inhumane treatment of one person by another.

Sri Lankan Tamils are victims of a vicious cycle. The ancestors of today’s Tamils were South India natives sent to Sri Lanka to work on coffee, tea, and rubber plantation. During Read more

How Can the Crime in Kollam District Be Lowered?

Kollam District in India has been associated with high crime rates for several years now. The complicated division system of counties and local burrows creates chaos and lack of organization. The poorly developed structure of the police department makes the chain of command impossible to follow. This creates the disorderly conduct amongst the employees of the department as well as the public. With over 2 million inhabitants in Kollam District, the crime is on the rise and it seems to be flourishing. The bomb making Read more

How Many People Have Been Killed in Kollam District?

Every year in the Kollam District dozens of people are murdered. Many of these murders may not even be reported to authorities in order to be investigated. However, in more recent years murder rates have been dropping rather than increasing in number. Over 35 people were killed in the Kollam District in 2008 yet only three years later in 2011 only about 20 were killed. That’s a significant drop in the crime rate. For the Kollam District in Kerala, India this is Read more

An Overview of Kollam District’s Crime Statistics

The crime that is happening in Kollam is some of the worst in India. There are a whole lot of heinous crimes that are happening in this area. It has even gotten to the point where tourists have become scared to come to Kollam. This is definitely something that needs to be handled by officials. It is ruining the image of India in major ways.

This is evident by all that is happening between citizens in Kollam. There are some really bad crimes like stabbings of law officials. Husbands have been reported to cut off the hands of their own wives in crimes of passion. There is much being reported right now. It is actually a scary time for people that are living there right now.

There are also a number of rapes and other crimes like assault against women. There is so much that people are seeing in such large numbers. This is unlike anything that has ever happened before. It has been recorded for decades and the current results reflect a growth in crime.

The Kollam district has become known as a violent place. More than 10,,000 incidents surface throughout the course of a year in Kollam.The information party rocks on: Fishermen killings: Italian Marines released on bail

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